UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL MEDIA, BENEFITS AND DEVELOPMENT Social media is a medium for socializing online, which is possible to get to know humans without being limited by place and time.

In this day and age, it is undeniable that human life today is closely related to social media. Social media plays an important role in almost all lines of society. Starting from sending messages to friends, sharing information, to finding information that is currently hot in the community. So, don’t be surprised if someone mentions that social media has become one of the important needs of almost everyone. The presence of social media in today’s society has provided enormous benefits, especially in the current pandemic era. Social media is quite helpful in removing the distance between people, so it is very effective in shortening the time in communicating. However, something that has a high positive impact, does not rule out the possibility of having a high negative impact as well. Well, the following will explain the ins and outs of social media, ranging from the notion of social media to all its aspects. For those of you who want to explore social media, this article will be very suitable to help you understand what social media really is.

Definition of Social Media.

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Social media can be understood as a digital platform that provides facilities to carry out social activities for each user. Some activities that can be done on social media, for example, are communicating or interacting to providing information or content in the form of writing, photos and videos. Various information in the shared content can be open to all users for 24 hours. Social media itself is basically part of the development of the internet. The presence of several decades ago has made social media able to develop and grow widely and quickly as it is now. This is what makes all users who are connected with an internet connection able to carry out the process of disseminating information or content anytime and anywhere.