McDonalds Marketing Strategy

McDonalds Marketing Strategy – McDonals is one of the fast food that is very well known to foreign countries. This chicken restaurant has been around for a long time. The thing that makes MCD so well known to many people is definitely not an easy thing. Here’s a McDonald’s marketing technique that will make you order again and again.

McDonalds Marketing Strategy

1. The photos of the food on the menu are bigger than the text

When you walk to the ordering table, your eyes will immediately fall on the photos of the food on the menu. Not only on the menu board, there are lots of photos of food on display around the restaurant area. On the order board often photos of food in the menu are always made bigger than the writing. Featured foods are usually shown to have larger photos than other menu items.

This is not done without purpose. The use of posting photos is one way for restaurants to arouse consumers’ tastes so that their desire to buy is getting stronger.

This has been scientifically proven where our brains will be easier to receive images and imagine the food than writing. Consumers will also be more interested in entering a restaurant if they know what they are getting.

2. Asking for additional food using psychological tricks

If looking at food photos doesn’t do enough to tempt you to spend big bucks at McDonald’s, congratulations you’ve just passed stage one. Fast food restaurants will usually do various ways to make their consumers buy more goods. One of them is menu additions that are not really needed.

When ordering food, of course you are often offered additional food such as ice cream, increasing the size of french fries or other side menus. These simple questions are one way that is often done. Although it sounds trivial, this trick usually works to get consumers to buy more.

Scientifically, this marketing trick utilizes consumer psychology to re-question what consumers are ordering. A study conducted at Eastern Illinois University found that 85 percent of consumers would order more if asked directly. A person will tend to be more difficult to say no to an offer in certain situations.

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3. Drinks are more profitable than food

If you think that the advantage of fast food restaurants lies in the food, then you are very wrong. In fact the sale of food such as burgers, chicken and other menus only contributes a small amount of profit. The biggest profit is actually obtained from the sale of drinks. The price of the drinks offered may not be more expensive than the food but the drinks provide a larger profit margin.

Profit margin is the difference between the value of sales after deducting all capital costs of total sales. Soft drinks provide a profit margin of up to 90 percent. On food, restaurants usually only get a small profit, sometimes even experiencing losses.

Therefore, there are usually many food menus that include drinks in each dish.

4. Using decimal numbers in the menu to attract attention

The next trick you may have often encountered is using decimal numbers in prices. Not only in fast food restaurants, this trick is also often used on products such as clothes, groceries and electronic devices. This marketing technique is known as the left digit effect.

Pricing occurs because consumers tend to read from left to right. so that consumers will only see the first two digits of the price compared to the numbers behind it. For consumers, the numbers on the back are simply discounted prices.