Best Online Product Marketing Strategy


Best Online Product Marketing Strategy – In an era that is increasingly developing as it is today, online media is an opportunity for doing business. Not to mention the pandemic factor, everyone is trying to build a business and market it through social media. As a businessman or entrepreneur, you are required to have a strategy that has great potential for the product you are going to market. Here is a strategy you can do

1. Content Marketing
The first online marketing strategy is content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy that is carried out by business actors by providing information related to the business they are doing.

The information provided can be in the form of the history of the origin of the product or product raw materials, unique facts, various types, benefits and tips for storing and caring for the product.

Information conveyed with this strategy can be packaged in the form of article narratives, images such as infographics and comics, as well as video tutorials and reviews.

Then, the information is uploaded through the company’s or product’s official social media accounts. Usually this useful information will be reuploaded and reposted on various social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

2. Visual Marketing
The second online marketing strategy is through visual marketing. Visual marketing is actually a part of content marketing that focuses on visual media such as illustrations and digital graphics, photos, and videos.

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Visual marketing techniques are developed further because one image is able to tell the whole situation from various points of view.

Moreover, reading interest in text-based content is minimal in Indonesia. Thus, visual media is considered more effective, especially audiovisual media. In an image or video, it is able to represent all the details of the information that the creator wants to convey.

Usually, to make this kind of thing, you can look for graphic designers, video editors, or visual communication design graduates to increase awareness of the products to be sold.

Then, the visual media can be distributed through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and the product’s official website.

3. Mobile Marketing
Next is mobile marketing as a digital era marketing strategy that is devoted to audiences with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This mobile marketing is the development of content marketing after research was conducted on the ordering method which is mostly done by consumers via smartphones rather than PCs.

Where the mobile display is a customized website display, but the appearance of web applications and media displayed in mobile mode will feel more user-friendly.

4. Continuous Marketing
Continuous Marketing is marketing that is carried out continuously or continuously on social media. For continuous marketing, it is usually offered by the social media platform.

Usually, social media applications already have algorithms for target audiences ranging from gender, age range, interests, and coverage area.

As an entrepreneur who will use this online marketing strategy, it should be noted that it is better to have valid data and analysis. So that when inputting the criteria of the targeted audience according to the target market, they really have the potential to buy the product being marketed.

This is because the cost to carry out this strategy is also quite high.