The Accuracy of Using How to Play Roulette Online

The Accuracy of Using How to Play Roulette Online

The Accuracy of Using How to Play Roulette Online – For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the roulette gambling game, this game is one of the most popular types of online gambling from casinos.

Accuracy in playing online roulette gambling is a roulette game. This roulette game is very popular with bettors. Why? Because compared to other games (such as Baccarat, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger), the cost of this roulette game can be quite high. Do you know what the word roulette means, how to play in this roulette game, and how to calculate payouts? Therefore, at this time, I will briefly explain to those who are interested in participating or participating in this roulette game.

Roulette itself is actually from French, which means “little wheel”. We can draw the meaning of a small wheel, which will definitely make the wheels of motorcycles, cars, bicycles, tricycles, etc. all spin. Therefore, the game of roulette is also made in such a way that the number of European casino online roulette numbers from 1 to 37 and the number of American roulette numbers is 38. The numbers on the board are not arranged in order, but are arranged randomly. The color alternates between red and black, and green is the number 0.

This roulette game is not difficult because your bettor only places a bet on one number, you can be sure that the ball will stop on that number; if you are not sure, you can also bet on other numbers, Because this roulette game has no betting limit. Since there are a lot of numbers, it confuses your bettor and it is difficult to guess which number will come up, so the dealer is fair here, paying your bets a high fee. This way you will not be influenced by your dealer.

How to play and count in the game of roulette is divided into several counts. The first is to bet accurately on the numbers available on the board. If your choice is correct, the dealer will pay you 35 times the count, For example you place a number (5 = IDR 3,000) (14 = IDR 4,000) (20 = IDR 5,000) and the ball stops in 14th place, then your bet multiplied by 35, Rp.4,000 X 35 = Rp.140,000 and then subtract Rp.8,000 which you guessed wrongly, the final number is Rp. 132,000. Big, not salary.

Then the meaning of split bet or bet once, that is, you bet 2 numbers at a time, that is, you are placed between two numbers, such as 11 | 14, your bet matches the line, and the spend is reduced to x17. So if you bet IDR 2,000, the result is IDR 2,000 X 17 = IDR 34,000. Then there is the term “square bet”, which is betting on 4 numbers at once, if the ball stops on one of the numbers you entered (for example, you enter IDR 5,000 x 8 = IDR 40,000), the payout is only x 8.

Since then, one street bet has 3 numbers placed at once, with a payout of x11. If the ball stops on any of the 3 numbers you entered, your bet amount is IDR 5,000 x 11 = IDR 55,000. After that, there is a 6 bet bet, which places 6 numbers at once in a bet at odds x 5. The payout is 5 bets. If your bet amount is IDR 10,000 and the ball stops on one of the 6 numbers of your choice, IDR 10,000 x 5 = IDR 50,000

There are even or odd black or white bets with numbers 1-18 or 19-36. In this bet, the odds are only x 1. So all you have to do is choose which of these 6 options to place and the odds are just x1. After that, the first 12 digits, the second 12 digits and the third 12 digits will appear. The last digit is a 1:2 bet, which means you choose to queue. The first second or third payout is only 12 digits, and 1:2 is the same as multiplying 2.