Marketing Psychology Tips


Marketing Psychology Tips – Marketing psychology is a science that studies psychology in studying the thoughts that are in the minds of customers. By studying marketing thinking, we can make strategies in marketing our products by influencing purchasing decisions for products that are already offered. Here is a marketing psychology trick that you really should try to do.

1. Use the Number 9 on the Product Price
You must have seen a product with a price of Rp. 14,999, right?

You might think the product is quite cheap because it doesn’t cost up to Rp. 15,000. Then, you decide to buy it.

Well, this marketing psychology trick is called the charm price. The same two prices can appear very different and successfully attract consumers. In fact, the difference is actually only slightly.

example of psychology trick marketing charm price
This trick is quite effective for increasing sales on various types of products. Starting from physical to digital products. You can try it in your marketing campaign. In fact, products sold using charm prices have 24% higher sales than products with original prices.

2. Compare Initial Prices with Discount Prices
For consumers, discounts are always attractive. However, a discount offer by comparing it with the original price, will certainly make consumers more attracted.

The reason is that customers can see the magnitude of the benefits that come from lowering prices. For example, writing the price of a hosting package on the Niagahoster website below.

price writing on the website with marketing psychology tricks

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3. Provide Three Pricing Options
In marketing psychology, there is a trick called Decoy Price, which is to provide three price options so that customers buy more expensive products.

This trick has often been encountered, but initially many cinema business owners did when selling popcorn.

Say, a small size popcorn sells for 4 dollars and a large size sells for 7 dollars. With this price option, the majority of customers may choose the small size because it is cheaper.

Well, when the cinema makes a medium size at a price of 6.5 dollars, customers will start thinking about buying a large size.

What is the reason? With a price difference of only 0.5, the large size certainly gives more value to consumers, namely the larger size than the medium size.

4. Give Discounts To Certain Customers
Discounts can indeed increase product sales. However, do you have to give discounts to all customers? Not always.

In online marketing, you can only give discounts to your potential customers. Well, of course this requires research to find out what kind of customers are most effective with this discount strategy.

For example, although users come from all walks of life and ages, the majority of Spotify users are students. This is what makes Spotify issue a special premium package discount for students.