Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Mistakes in Social Media Marketing – In marketing a product in a business, there will definitely be many things that must be done. The following are some of the mistakes of business people in running social media marketing:

1. Social media marketing without a plan
Along with the increase in the number of internet users today, the number of people who try their luck in buying and selling online is also increasing. But unfortunately most of them do not adapt to the existing marketing rules in the online world, so the marketing method is just selling and very conventional.

To market a product by utilizing social media requires a good plan, technique and execution. But what is happening now is that some online business people just join in without understanding the actual characteristics of social media.
So what you have to do is analyze the consumer behavior of your target market, understand the rules and techniques of social media marketing. So that later what you do is not in vain and does not seem to follow along. Of course this is an important point if your business wants to be seen as a credible business, isn’t it.

Mistakes in Running Social Media Marketing

2. Unclear targets and goals
In any business a target and goals are the main elements, as well as in the marketing of a business. And in social media marketing, your target is a specific, concrete achievement.

For example, how many followers you have, how many people like your brand, that is one of the targets that you must achieve. Then goals in marketing are very important, how can you achieve certain targets if you don’t have a basic goal. For this reason, once again we emphasize to understand the characteristics of social media marketing.

3. Lack of materials
We find this third error very much, maybe without realizing it you also feel this every time you open your social media application. There are so many online sellers who indoctrinate their followers with their product materials, of course we will not be comfortable and decide to unfollow or unlike. This will also happen to our business if we do the same thing, that’s why mastering the rules of social media marketing is very important.
Try to create material that can educate your followers. Make a positive contribution to them, don’t just overwhelm them with your promotions and products. Create a schedule for posting product materials to be more effective.

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4. Communication is only one way
Basically social media is a medium for interacting or communicating between humans, so that’s why understand the function of social media. Create content that can build communication or interaction, not just one-way communication. Know your social media role as online marketing, so two-way communication is very good for the development of the social media accounts that you manage.
If you use a Twitter account, you can write tweets or other educational content, or you can also write humorous posts to make your account more memorable. So the point of this point is that building communication between your followers is very important. Try to build good interactions, that is one step in your approach to potential customers.

Marketing Psychology Tips


Marketing Psychology Tips – Marketing psychology is a science that studies psychology in studying the thoughts that are in the minds of customers. By studying marketing thinking, we can make strategies in marketing our products by influencing purchasing decisions for products that are already offered. Here is a marketing psychology trick that you really should try to do.

1. Use the Number 9 on the Product Price
You must have seen a product with a price of Rp. 14,999, right?

You might think the product is quite cheap because it doesn’t cost up to Rp. 15,000. Then, you decide to buy it.

Well, this marketing psychology trick is called the charm price. The same two prices can appear very different and successfully attract consumers. In fact, the difference is actually only slightly.

example of psychology trick marketing charm price
This trick is quite effective for increasing sales on various types of products. Starting from physical to digital products. You can try it in your marketing campaign. In fact, products sold using charm prices have 24% higher sales than products with original prices.

2. Compare Initial Prices with Discount Prices
For consumers, discounts are always attractive. However, a discount offer by comparing it with the original price, will certainly make consumers more attracted.

The reason is that customers can see the magnitude of the benefits that come from lowering prices. For example, writing the price of a hosting package on the Niagahoster website below.

price writing on the website with marketing psychology tricks

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3. Provide Three Pricing Options
In marketing psychology, there is a trick called Decoy Price, which is to provide three price options so that customers buy more expensive products.

This trick has often been encountered, but initially many cinema business owners did when selling popcorn.

Say, a small size popcorn sells for 4 dollars and a large size sells for 7 dollars. With this price option, the majority of customers may choose the small size because it is cheaper.

Well, when the cinema makes a medium size at a price of 6.5 dollars, customers will start thinking about buying a large size.

What is the reason? With a price difference of only 0.5, the large size certainly gives more value to consumers, namely the larger size than the medium size.

4. Give Discounts To Certain Customers
Discounts can indeed increase product sales. However, do you have to give discounts to all customers? Not always.

In online marketing, you can only give discounts to your potential customers. Well, of course this requires research to find out what kind of customers are most effective with this discount strategy.

For example, although users come from all walks of life and ages, the majority of Spotify users are students. This is what makes Spotify issue a special premium package discount for students.

Advantages of Social Media Playlists

Advantages of Social Media Playlists – After going through several stages of the screening process, we are finally able to refine the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the skills that a social media specialist must have.

Advantages of Social Media Playlists

The development of technology and the creative world gave birth to a number of varied career fields. Various platforms and tools are increasingly being used to increase brand awareness, promote business and increase sales.

Social media is no stranger to everyone. To create interesting social media content, it requires good management by experts or what is now called a Social Media Specialist.

As part of digital marketing, social media specialists are currently needed by almost all companies. Often underestimated and easy, it turns out that a Social Media Specialist needs to deepen some special skills, you know!

1. Before uploading content, it is very important for Social Media Specialists to make a well-thought-out content plan

Even though it looks very simple, creating content is not as easy as many people think. To produce good, interactive content and get high engagement, careful planning is needed.

A Social Media Specialist should understand how to create a content plan, starting from what content to lift, scheduling the right time for posting and so on.

2. Understand content visualization and design trends so as to provide direction to the design team

Design is a very important component in content creation, especially now that there are various kinds of design trends that can attract audiences to content.

Becoming a Social Media Specialist also requires the expertise to understand current design trends so as to lead the design team to visualize content to fit the plan. But again that design is an abstract thing and everyone has different tastes.

3. Having creativity in writing so that it can attract the attention of the audience

Content that attracts the attention of the audience is not only judged by design, but also good and correct writing, starting from the writing contained in the content and the caption or description of the uploaded content.

Although there are those who think that currently the audience prefers to see the content design rather than the captions and descriptions, in fact some other people also like to read captions, especially if the caption contains important information about the content or brand in question.

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4. Planning several events and working with related parties

To reach a wider audience, a Social Media Specialist can collaborate with several media or plan collaboration events with related brands. For example, if you create content related to job information and scholarships, you can collaborate with companies that are looking for talents or influencers whose fields are suitable.

5. Not only creating content, this profession also requires your expertise in advertising through social media

After creating content according to the content plan and uploading it, you can start advertising through social media according to your needs. Organic content marketing must always be done, such as optimizing SEO, regularly and consistently creating content, writing blogs and so on. But advertising is also an important component in optimizing social media. Not only as brand awareness, if your account is a selling account, you can increase your sales.

Mistakes In Running Social Media Marketing

Mistakes In Running Social Media Marketing

Mistakes In Running Social Media Marketing – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, the following is about mistakes in running social media marketing.

Many business brands use social media for their marketing activities.

And as we know, social media is a powerful tool for marketers to connect directly with audiences.

Social media also provides a lot of business data and also helps us to target ideal customers for businesses.

For example, like LinkedIn which offers a lot of employee data, Facebook and Instagram provide detailed demographic information for marketers.

There are many successful and successful brands using social media marketing.

Not only that, marketers of these successful brands are using social media to stay connected with their target audience.

But not a few marketers also struggle with all their might to do social media marketing but fail.

Too Much Use of the Platform
Maybe you’ve heard the phrase if you want to be someone who is expert, you have to practice often and focus.

That is true for most marketing activities, including for social media marketing.

Ignoring Loyal Followers
The mistake that often occurs in the next social media marketing is ignoring loyal followers.

There are still many people who like to underestimate this.

They may think, “Just these followers.”

Copying Voices from Other Brands
The voice in question is not about jingles, sound effects, audio logos or any other aspect of the sound of a brand.

But more towards your style of communication and style in writing.

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Ignoring Data

Modern marketing will run based on existing data.

This is useful for optimizing the web and social media marketing.

Do not understand about target audience

In 2006, when Hubspot was founded, people paid no attention to the company.

But now, Hubspot is a very widely recognized company.

How did this company achieve the success it is today? All because they managed to understand who their target audience is.

Long before that, they didn’t understand the target audience at first.

After doing a practice, they can slowly develop the right content for social media in order to attract their ideal customers.

The Facts Behind the Digital Marketing Era


paraswest – Technology is one of the things that is very important for human life, especially in the modern era where today’s society prefers everything that is practical and doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. The presence of technology also makes it easier for business people to expand their business targets. Digital Marketing is one of the effective ways for these business people to get consumers. Is it true? The following are various facts that the Digital Marketing era is increasingly successful and in demand by entrepreneurs.

Internet users in Indonesia are more than 50%
Yes, the results of a survey in 2016, internet users in Indonesia have reached 132.7 million of Indonesia’s total population of 256.2 million. This means that more and more Indonesians understand the understanding of the internet and how it can be used to obtain information, communication and profit in business or buying and selling.
One of the increasingly booming businesses in this modern era is the property business. Currently, more and more developers are taking advantage of digital marketing to expand their target network and make it easier to find consumers faster. With the fact that internet users in Indonesia are certainly increasingly convinced that doing property business through digital marketing or online marketing is one of the things that must be done by developers.

People access the internet for an average of 4-8 hours / day
The ease of using the internet is increasingly making many people spend their free time using the internet, firstly coupled with the increasingly sophisticated smart phones nowadays and what they are equipped to carry around, of course it will increasingly make people more active in opening the internet. Compared to people who go to the market or shop at the mall, open the internet for 4-8 hours per day is a long time, you know. This is certainly what will benefit business people, especially the property business, to make better use of advertising media via the digital internet.

Digital Marketing advertising costs are said to be more efficient than conventional advertising because advertising through Digital Marketing is sufficient to only use software, while conventional advertising requires printing, viewing and licensing costs which are of course more expensive and take more time. This very efficient cost is what certainly makes business people, including developers in Indonesia, prefer Digital Marketing to market their products.

Digital Marketing increases turnover 5-10 times
This is another fact of leveraging digital marketing for your business. Besides being able to facilitate in terms of advertising, Digital Marketing can also increase turnover up to 5-10 times compared to traditional or conventional methods. In this instantaneous era of Digital Marketing, of course, people are always looking for something by using Google Search. SEO and SEM are internet marketing techniques that will limit the websites we advertise according to product keywords. It is also what can help you find the right customers.

Those are the facts about Digital Marketing that you need to know. In doing property business, using Digital Marketing is also very easy for your business. What’s more, with the increasing number of developers using digital marketing services for their business to expand their target market.

The advancement of the internet today is also the background of the booming era of online marketing which is now known as Digital Marketing. By taking advantage of the opportunities from the very large and increasing internet users, of course, it will increasingly benefit business people, especially businesses in marketing their products through digital marketing.

Win Followers And Influence People On marketing Social Media


Win Followers And Influence People On marketing Social Media – If you work in digital marketing, you’re probably familiar with how far organic reach has fallen on Facebook. Page managers can expect from about 1% to 6% of their audience to see a given organic post, down from an estimated 16% in 2012. Lush UK recently made headlines for abandoning its social accounts, taking a stance against the ever-elusive algorithms.

But don’t fret—despite all the challenges, social remains a valuable channel if you take the right steps to maximize your impact. Three social influencers who have mastered the art of building personal brands that bring in business shared their tips on growing a following and making social platforms work for you.
Mari Smith, a leading social media marketing expert and author of The New Relationship Marketing, advises marketing professionals and businesses around the world on Facebook best practices. A power user since 2007, she’s often called the “Facebook Queen.” Her inbox overflows with inbound leads from companies (including Facebook) thanks to the brand she has built on the platform.
Dedicate a budget. To combat Facebook’s declining reach, Smith advises investing at least a nominal budget on paid posts. Though it sounds counterintuitive to have to pay for organic traffic, Smith says a few dollars per post will trigger Facebook’s algorithm to increase your organic reach.

Focus on video. Smith advocates using Facebook Live once a week. “Facebook’s algorithm loves video content,” she says. “In terms of brands and utilizing Facebook for business, there’s just no better way to connect with your audience other than in person.”

She suggests a content mix of about 70% video (including Facebook Live), 20% images and 10% links to maximize engagement. Smith often notices brands over-posting in an attempt to attract more eyeballs, while the better strategy would be to consider the ROI of each post. One high-quality post a day or every other day goes further than a feed packed with content no one can see, she says.

Cultivate groups. Facebook groups offer a way to start communities around a specific topic or interest. All signs seem to signal niche networks and private messaging as the future of the platform. Because people crave more one-on-one connections, online groups have inspired exclusive, in-person meetups. Smith says she uses Groups to curate audiences for training sessions she offers and foresees Facebook adding features to help brand pages attract new members.

Vic Styles, a stylist and lifestyle content creator, recently led an Instagram workshop for a room full of aspiring influencers at the one-day Purpose PushHer 2019 speaker series in New York City. After the event she elaborated on some of the strategies that helped her grow a 41k-follower Instagram account and attract brand partnerships.

Start growth hacking. When trying to get a new brand off the ground or revitalize a dead page, Instagram pros like Styles recommend growth hacking. Find accounts that have already established an audience similar to the one you want to grow and engage with their posts. The comments you leave on highly trafficked pages will help advertise your page and attract new followers. “You can have the best content in the world, but if no one knows that you exist, if you have no visibility, what is the purpose?” says Styles. “Growth hacking helps get eyes on you from people who may not ordinarily be able to find you.”

Embrace hashtags. Instagram is one of the few platforms where it doesn’t hurt to pack your posts with hashtags. Business pages on Instagram include access to engagement analytics that show how people found your page. Styles says she once posted a picture with 15 hashtags beneath the caption, and the analytics showed 75% of the engagements were from people who weren’t following her—30k from hashtags alone. To find the best hashtags, she uses a mix of trial and error and online searches to learn which ones drive the most clicks from her audience.

Focus on your top 12. On Instagram, first impressions are everything. Because Instagram relies so heavily on visuals, quality and consistency matter. “On mobile you only see those 9 to 12 photos, and if they’re not captivating enough, I’m not even going to scroll down to see what else there is,” Styles says. “The top of the grid should always be something that reels your audience in.”

Find strong partners. Styles warns that brands sometimes make the mistake of thinking the more followers, the better. Instead she recommends looking for influencers who are actively engaging the right target audience and also align with the brand’s values. Once you’ve found a trusted partner, allowing that partner creative freedom yields the best results. “The [brands] that have the best engagement, the best ROI, are the ones that say, ‘Here’s the product, do what you do.’ Because it feels very authentic that way,” she says.
Serial entrepreneur, consultant and author Jessica Higgins, JD MBA, has leveraged thought leadership on LinkedIn to build a community and attract new prospects. Her strategy is to lead with information, not marketing tactics.

Don’t sell. “The last thing anybody wants is a pitch. People want interesting, relevant things that they connect with,” she says. One of her pet peeves on LinkedIn is what she calls the “buzzword frenzy.” She stresses that your LinkedIn persona should reflect real-world experience because it’s easy to see through hype. LinkedIn offers an opportunity to make authentic connections and shouldn’t be used as a transactional space, she says.

Make social your side hustle. Higgins recommends devoting at least an hour a day to building your social presence. “I tell everybody, ‘If you’re worried about time, you’re not doing it right. [Social media] is a full-time job, but you can integrate it into your job.” Sitting on the bus? Answer a question. Riding in a cab? Post an article. “We all have tons of extra minutes each day. If you just allocate those extra minutes, then it doesn’t take a huge hit on your day,” she says.

Spark dialogue. Higgins says she caught some flack on social media for her contrarian take leading up to the 2016 elections. While most news outlets were predicting a clean sweep for Hillary Clinton, Higgins found evidence that Trump could win. “I believe that if you have a well-researched approach … not just a complaint but some sort of solution and you put that out there, then there’s no such thing as bad publicity around that because you at least get people talking about it,” she says.

The work Higgins puts into her content doesn’t always have an immediate payoff. But she recalls an investor once contacted her company based on a 6-month-old article she’d written. Goes to show content marketing is all about the long game.