Mistakes In Running Social Media Marketing

Mistakes In Running Social Media Marketing

Mistakes In Running Social Media Marketing – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, the following is about mistakes in running social media marketing.

Many business brands use social media for their marketing activities.

And as we know, social media is a powerful tool for marketers to connect directly with audiences.

Social media also provides a lot of business data and also helps us to target ideal customers for businesses.

For example, like LinkedIn which offers a lot of employee data, Facebook and Instagram provide detailed demographic information for marketers.

There are many successful and successful brands using social media marketing.

Not only that, marketers of these successful brands are using social media to stay connected with their target audience.

But not a few marketers also struggle with all their might to do social media marketing but fail.

Too Much Use of the Platform
Maybe you’ve heard the phrase if you want to be someone who is expert, you have to practice often and focus.

That is true for most marketing activities, including for social media marketing.

Ignoring Loyal Followers
The mistake that often occurs in the next social media marketing is ignoring loyal followers.

There are still many people who like to underestimate this.

They may think, “Just these followers.”

Copying Voices from Other Brands
The voice in question is not about jingles, sound effects, audio logos or any other aspect of the sound of a brand.

But more towards your style of communication and style in writing.

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Ignoring Data

Modern marketing will run based on existing data.

This is useful for optimizing the web and social media marketing.

Do not understand about target audience

In 2006, when Hubspot was founded, people paid no attention to the company.

But now, Hubspot is a very widely recognized company.

How did this company achieve the success it is today? All because they managed to understand who their target audience is.

Long before that, they didn’t understand the target audience at first.

After doing a practice, they can slowly develop the right content for social media in order to attract their ideal customers.

Best Types of Digital Marketing

Best Types of Digital Marketing

Best Types of Digital Marketing – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss Best Types of Digital Marketing.

Apabila target pasarmu adalah orang yang berhubungan langsung dengan internet dan media sosial, digital marketing adalah cara yang tepat. Hal ini karena memiliki kelebihan cakupan yang luas, heterogen, tersebar dengan cepat, ditambah memudahkan melakukan evaluasi.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing berupaya untuk menempatkan website perusahaan atau bisnis kamu berada di halaman pertama mesin pencari sekelas google serta mudah ditemukan oleh google. SEM memiliki dua kategori, yakni kategori organik dan non-organik.

Kategori organik biasa disebut sebagai Search Engine Optimization (SEO), relatif lebih murah bahkan dapat dilakukan sendiri dengan gratis. Namun membutuhkan waktu yang lebih lama karena perlu analisa yang baik, kreatif menulis konten artikel, serta tujuannya untuk investasi jangka panjang.

Sedangkan kategori non-organik adalah Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Namun berbayar meski jauh lebih cepat untuk membuat website kamu berada di posisi teratas google.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC ini meruapakan salah satu digital marketing yang populer dengan metode beriklan pada suatu platform, di mana pengiklan (advertiser) hanya membayar bila ada yang klik iklannya. Contoh PPC adalah dari AdWords dari Google, FB ads, dan sebagainya.

Sebenarnya ada juga selain PPC, yakni metode PPM (Pay Per Impression), pengiklan akan membayar per kemunculan, biasanya per 1.000 kali kemunculan.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing merupakan cara pemasaran yang fokus kepada pembuatan dan pendistribusian konten. Konten yang sifatnya berkaitan dan konsisten, agar bisa menarik juga dapat mempertahankan pelanggan atau audiens yang sudah ditetapkan menjadi target pasar kamu.

Contohnya bisa dengan mengirim pesan email ke pelanggan dan posting di website. Konten atau isi pesan tersebut berupaya agar bisa meningkatkan ketertarikan pasar.

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4. Social Media Marketing

Media sosial menjadi sarana khalayak ramai untuk saling komunikasi, berbagi informasi, dan keperluan lainnya. Bahkan kini semakin banyak pengusaha yang mengoptimalkan media sosial sebagai sarana promosi bisnis mereka.

Ditambah berbagai platform sosial media di antaranya YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, dan lain sebagainya. Hal ini agar mampu membuat penyebaran informasi lebih luas ke banyak orang, lebih cepat, dan dapat dilakukan dengan biaya minim bahkan gratis.

5. Audio Visual Atau Video Marketing

Video marketing merupakan media kreatif untuk mempromosikan produk dan jasa kamu dapat dibuat dengan genre nyata hingga animasi 2D dan 3D. Video marketing menjadi salah satu cara yang efektif dalam menyampaikan informasi mengenai brand, produk, atau jasa yang kamu miliki.

Increase Sales Through the Website

Increase Sales Through the Website

Increase sales through the website – Making sales using the current website method is one of the targets of traders, by making sales through the website can make sales easier and reduce expenses such as capital to rent a shop.

1. Show Testimonials from Customers

It is no secret that customer testimonials are a powerful weapon to attract the trust of potential customers. Testimonials are a magic potion that increases the confidence of website visitors to buy the product that is being sought, the effect will be even stronger if the person giving the testimonial is a well-known figure whose track record is still in contact with the product you are selling.

So, you must be able to take advantage of these opportunities into a new profitable strategy. For example, it is like musicians giving each other testimonials regarding new albums / songs from other musicians. Sometimes this makes writers think that these musicians / artists are deliberately collaborating with each other so that more people hear their work.

2. Add Live Chat Feature

Before making a purchase, customers often hesitate and ask about product specifications. Well, the Live Chat feature can be a means of connecting between business owners and potential customers who feel confused.

The live chat feature is now widely used by bona fide companies ranging from national to international. One of them is Qwords.com as the top 5 cloud web hosting providers in Indonesia that has responsive customer service for 24 hours.

3. Increase Website Loading Access Speed

Not only one or two points regarding website speed, we include it in the article on website optimization. This is not without reason, because the loading rate or waiting time that is getting longer can affect customer satisfaction.

For example, as one of the largest online companies in the world, Amazon has opened up about the potential loss data they would receive if the main website experienced an additional loading time of only 0.01 seconds. Do you know? The loss figures are fantastic because they reach millions of US dollars each year.

4. Use Copywriting Techniques

Not everyone is good at copywriting techniques. So, it’s great if you happen to have this skill. Implement a copywriting strategy as a way to increase sales, the implementation process itself is very flexible and varied, which can be started from giving a splashy and interesting title in the header, writing a landing page with magic words, to inserting an invitation sentence to lure potential customers to immediately make a payment.

5. Build Email List Through Free Products

Although simple, email lists are capable of being a deadly weapon that can increase sales in the hands of Internet marketers. The reason is, among the thousands of visitors to your website there are always users who are still in doubt or need additional funds before they can buy the desired product. Well, the email list function here plays a role in gathering potential target markets. So that someday we can provide news to users regarding discount promos, bundling package promos or even replacement stocks with cheaper price tags.

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6. Provide an adequate payment method

How would you feel if as a consumer you could not check out due to problems with a less diverse payment system. It hurts right? Tired of doing research and choosing goods, uh … I don’t know the seller doesn’t accept the payment method we want.

If you want to significantly increase sales through your website, you should really consider the flexibility of payment. Provide easy options, such as accepting bank transfers from various types of banks, offline payments through minimarkets, payments via digital cash balances, to credit cards.

7. Apply the FOMO Strategy as a Way of Increasing Sales

In the strategy to increase sales there are several techniques that are commonly applied. One of them is FOMO which is short for the term Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is one of the phenomena that has recently enveloped the digital realm, this phenomenon describes the behavior of millennial generation netizens who are anxious / afraid to miss trending things among their surroundings.

8. Use a Professional Design Look

The appearance of a professional design is the next weapon that can increase sales potential. Like when we meet clients or work partners, the main aspect that is usually seen is a charming appearance. Therefore, make the appearance of your business website as attractive as possible to be able to encourage user desire to shop for the products or services that you market.